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"AGNIHOTRI BISMOY" : In commemoration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Viswakabi Rabindranath Tagore, we took an active enterprise on behalf of our cultural association, KRISHNAGAR SANSKRITIK MANCHA, in order to publish a book culturally enriched with some mentionable writings about Rabindranath's all-round creativity and his relationship with some contemporary world famous litterateurs, written by a number of respected writers of our country viz. Dr. Ramdulal Basu, Dr. Binoy Kumar Mahato, Dr. Usha Ranjan Bhattacharya, Dr. Bimal Chandra Chattopadhya, Dr. Biplab Chakraborty, Dr. Abul Ahasan Choudhury, Dr. Soumitra Basu, Mr. Panchu Roy, Dr. Renupada Ghosh, Dr. Basudeb Mondal, Mr. Chandan Sanyal and Mr. Rabi Biswas. The book was published in 2010 under the editorship of Mr. Rabi Biswas. It was quite judiciously captioned by Pt. Achintya Sastri as "AGNIHOTRI BISMOY"(Sacred Fire Worshipper, a wonder), the cover page of which was designed by Mr. Pranab Basu. Such a valuable publication is worth collection for every sensible person.

"BANGO AAMAR" : "BANGO AAMAR"(My Bengal) is the second book published in 2014 under the supervision of our Krishnagar Sanskritik Mancha. It is on the life and works of Dwijendra Lal Roy, the famous poet composer and a prominent playwright of 19th century and the great son of our own land, Krishnagar, in commemoration of his 150th Birth Anniversary. In this book different angles of the poet's life has been enlightened including his strained relationship with his contemporary friend Rabindranath. The valuable as well as thoughtful essays have been written by some prominent writers of our country viz. Dr. Ramdulal Basu, Dr. Benoy Kumar Mahato, Dr. Renupada Ghosh, Dr. Anirban Roy Chowdhury, Poet Kamal Saha. This book was published by Mr. Ananta Banerjee, under the editorship of Mr. Rabi Biswas. The nice cover page was designed by one of our dearest painters, Mr. Debojjwal Majumder and photographs were taken by Mr. Tanmoy Biswas.

"NADIAR SANSKRITI" : This publication was captioned 'Nadiar Sanskriti' i.e. Culture of Nadia District, by our respected erstwhile President, late Chandankanti Sanyal. The cultural heritage of our Nadia District is quite affluent. From the distant past to the modern age, this habitat has a continuous flow of cultural communication among villages and towns. Nadia District has given us so many excellent genii in different cultural aspects, that we are highly proud of even today. This book contains some remarkable essays about their historical activities, captioned such as 'Chaitanya Dev', 'Kirtaner Natakiyata', Brahma Samajer Patan', 'Lokasampraday', 'Jarigan', 'Lokagitikar Kubir Gosain', 'Krishnagarer Rajporibarer Adikatha', 'Loknatya Bolan', 'Putulnacher Itibritta' etc. These essays have been written by some prominent personalities of our city viz. Dr. Parswanath Roy Chowdhury, Dr. Joydev Kumar Modak, Dr. Shyamal Roy, Mr. Nirmal Sanyal, Dr. Ratan Kumar Nandi, Dr. Mala Maitra, Dr. Basudeb Mondal, Dr. Kanchan Maitra. This Book has been edited by Mr. Sunirmal Kundu and Mr. Raghubir Narayan Dey, Jt. Editors.