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About Us

Origin : In 2008, then West Bengal govt announced in the newspapers that seven of the Rabindra Bhabans of our state are going to be handed over to the private sector or commercial agencies. As krishnagar Rabindra Bhanan is one of the oldest auditoriums of bengal, the writers intellectuals and art loving people of our town burst into protest against the decision. on the second of September a protest rally took place starting from krishnagar public library to krishnahar Rabindra Bhaban and mass deputation was submitted to the district officer of information and cultural affairs of nadia. afterwards however the state govt withdrew the announcement. In our next general meeting we came to a resolution as we have united with a common cause we will keep this unity intact. Krishnagar Samaskritic Mancha owes its origin to that unity and in the course of time it became a common platform for almost all art and music teaching centers of our town. Although prior to registration, the numbers of the members were only three, Ananta Banerjee, the Convenor, Chandankanti Sanyal, the President and Tanmoy Biswas the Treasurer. In 2012 under the West Bengal society registration act the organisation got itself registered and now number of its members has increased upto 137.